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Shoutout to whoever that was pacing me from parliament to woodbine tonight. It's a rare day I get a rabbit I can't drop in rush hour.

Oh god I'm sorry everyone, someone reminded me of :ReBoot: and here we are 

I wonder what Unix would be like if the -h “human readable” flag was the default and a machine-readable flag was the option.

proposing the "Silver Spoon Test", a metric that measures how many sentences an article about how a young person got out of american debt hell goes on before mentioning that they inherited money or property from their family. a bonus of -10 is applied if the article contains the phrase "if we could do it, anybody can"

[FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, AND TWITTER]: "Listen, we can't be held--" *takes down a video for using a popular song per a major label request* "--responsible for our users' content, we're--" *takes down unauthorized use of a clip of a TV show* "--not publishers, we're a platform for communication--" *takes down a streaming movie for copyright infringement* "--we can't be expected to take action every time someone uses our service--" *works with the police to provide info on its users* "--for nefarious purposes..."

I'm a fairweather fan and went to bed early, but I'm glad to be woken up by a celebrating city. This town needed a win. And specifically not a hockey win imo.

I was going to wax poetic about the astonishing stillness and quiet of Toronto on the night of a playoff game, but maybe it’s just that the sort of assholes who rev their engines in traffic are parked in front of their TVs instead?

Anyway, excellent well crafted teaser, lots of implications to ponder, lots of stuff to unravel/decode for obsessives. Clearly Nintendo’s fan-manipulation tools and techniques have been honed scalpel-sharp over decades, but nevertheless the hook has set. A+ would nerd out again.

Of further note, having walked through it frame by frame:

-Zelda's new boy-cut hairdo and travelling clothes. There's no way she's not a playable character in this one, given the emphasis put on her perspective over Link's.
- That undead-looking guy, we've met him before, but he looked better. That's a male in Gerudo regalia being resurrected.
- Hands are a recurring motif - grasping, pulling. Not sure what that's about yet, but:
- Welcome back to the Hyrule underworld.

Play the audio track from the Breath of the Wild sequel teaser in reverse.

- A slowly strengthening heartbeat
- A thunderstorm, fading to the sound of a field. The sound of a swarm of BotW's Keese.
- The sudden organ music, reminiscent of the music from inside Hyrule Castle
- A female voice saying.... something. "Oh father, forgive me... something?"

I have my window open, and I’ve never heard Toronto this quiet. The entire city is holding its breath.

"(In Chinese, the contested distinction between language and dialects is neatly sidestepped by the word fangyan---literally, "regional speech". I've chosen to follow the modern convention to translate this word as "topolect" instead of the problematic and inaccurate "dialect.")"

from that same note

TIL of the term "topolect"



Every time one of my colleagues asks me to explain what I said I feel like I’m two steps away from accidentally turning into Shingy.

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