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I never get tired of how Google refers to turning off some of its data collection features as "pausing" them. Not turning them off or deactivating them, just "(paused)".

Pssst: robust privacy and personal data protection are national security issues. What does war look like when facial recognition is good enough that someone can draw a straight line from a soldier in the field to where their children go to school?

Doing some #citizenship studying today, boy oh boy, Canada is big and complicated and I wish more Canadians knew about it.

@mhoye Cursed-est take addendum: David Lynch reserves the colour blue for various symbolic reasons in his work. With his blue eyes and sailor suit, Donald Duck is the Blue Rose and Laura Palmer cypher

Every single time you ask yourself "why would {company} do this?" the answer is to make you ask that question.

Like I'm not gonna moralize and tell you how to live your life, but everytime you see a weird branded thing and consciously decide to not look more into it or tell another person about it that's an anti-capitalist action.

Hmm. Is there a 2fa option available for phone rebooting? I’d like to know if I can require a yubikey be present during phone startup, for example.

I just read a take that since Twin Peaks originally aired on ABC, it's part of the Disney universe.

Which subtake is more cursed?:

1. Laura Palmer is a Disney Princess

2. Audrey Horne joins your party in a One Eyed Jack's level of Kingdom Hearts

My brain just made the sentence "A single pale rose and a gin tonic" so I guess a Steven Universe/Katamari Damashii crossover is what I need right now.

“No colours in your terminal window” is just the worst, most shortsighted kind of human-hostile snobbery.

While this new iOS hack is a boot hack, and not a remote root, it certainly underscores an unfortunate point that TheGrugq made a while back: the homogeneity of the iOS world makes any break an ecosystem break.

old guy tip: if you find yourself writing a long defense of the actions of another person, and you feel like you've reached a point in your writing where it makes sense to quote the "dictionary definition" of a particular word that is commonly used, that's a really good sign that you might want to pause and seriously reconsider whether the subject of your defense deserves your defense.

@gnomon I don’t understand how any less-than-1080p signal comes through this process not looking like somebody smeared Vaseline on the lens.

If video games have taught me anything, this aesthetic means that the stairs are the quickest way to get extremely irradiated

i'm well aware canada's healthcare system is vastly inadequate, but just imagine if the housing system were anywhere near what the healthcare system was like.

for-profit housing should be as obscene as for-profit healthcare. flipping houses should be seen as as unethical as hiking up insulin prices.

TIL you can get black kookaburras and they are like if a wizard turned that guy from the Cure into a bird.


Them: “this is intended for more casual cyclists, are you...”

My inner monologue:

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