I got a drawing tablet a few months ago for art and although it doesn't compare to the tactile feel of physical media I love how having undo and layers negates my anxiety.

I also found that it makes a passable substitute for a whiteboard when working remote😁


I've always preferred malleable media like clay or metal as my art is a very experimental process. My theory is it's because of aphantasia - I can have an abstract idea, but I can't visualize it, so I have a limited sense of how a thing will look until I execute

Anyways I really like the one I got, the Huion Kamvas Pro 16 - way cheaper than a Cintiq, but parallax, latency and color are all decent, and it's got etched glass for tactility. And there's a lightning deal right now: amzn.to/2JXH9mK

@mhutch oh uh oh - clay and jewelry - have I recommended Richard Sennett's "The Craftsman" to you?

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