Day 3 of our roadtrip from Denver to Boston! A thousand miles down, a thousand to go

It's not exactly warm today, but I think it's enough to start toughening 'em up

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First loaves of sourdough, made with homegrown starter 🤤

Now I'm baking bread every week, I thought I'd try my hand at a sourdough. The starter is coming along nicely!

Rearranged the shelves to be able to keep them inside a bit longer

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Started some tomatoes indoor 4 weeks ago and cucumbers 2 weeks ago. It's a couple more weeks till last frost and they've outgrown the space already!

Not sure whether it's the 3 weeks of quarantine, the dutch oven, or the bread flour, but this feels like some of the best bread I've ever eaten 🤤☺️

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Did y'all not have webcams or are you trying one up each other with video quality?

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Forget toilet paper, the price of webcams has jumped by 6x. Better stock up fast! 🤦‍♀️

Friday night Saints Row with ☺️😍

It's been a while since I had much creative energy and focus, but I'm pretty proud of this pendant I made for

So and I made bébé yoda gingerbread 😍😍🤤

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