Almost the new year. Almost time for camping. Almost time for fishing. Im planning on spending more of my free time outdoors and away from computers in 2019. Can't wait for more hikes, trees, ponds, and lakes.

Was able to play some Fallout76 this weekend. Wow. I am excited for the release. I wish 4 has this much space, objects, and variation in the world. I cannot wait to play it with friends!

For some reason our robot vacuum woke up at 6am, which means I did too. Sadly I want able to get back to sleep.

new old stock of this crappy mid 2000s toy now sells for hundreds due to the fact that it has a SoC RF transceiver that can be easily reflashed and used to, among other things, hack security/access control systems

Watching 'The Exorcist' with my wife and daughter. Neither has seen it before. Which if them will have nightmares?

Breaking Wind: Legendary Farts "At last the bridegroom was summoned.... He rose slowly and with dignity from his divan; but in so doing... he let fly a great and terrible fart. [...] Mortified, [he] turned away from the bridal chamber and [...] went down to the courtyard, saddled his mare, and rode off, weeping bitterly through the night. In time he reached Lahej where he found a ship ready to sail for India; so he boarded..." this is the saddest/most relatable story ever

Checking out the new Hong Kong style cafe in Alameda! Excited for happy hour snacks 😸

Hello folks attending

Go to CVS (there are a few near the convention center) and buy this thing. Then use it. Throughout the WHOLE WEEKEND.

You’re welcome.

It's been long enough since I released Mr. Friendly that I can appreciate all the writing I did for it. Still hoping to get a final release out before the end of this year.

RE last boost, if you care about inclusive design and accessibility, you must buy Inclusive Components. I refer to @heydon’s writings on a weekly basis to make sure I’m not making a mess of my designs and dev. Truly invaluable work.

yes hello, I recently purchased some adapters from you and they aren't working, can I speak to a technician

Been awake since 5am, don't ask me anything.

It always feels weird to me to switch tech stacks entirely between projects. I don't *mind* writing things in new libraries/frameworks; but it feels like I've wasted all this learning I put in to (framework|library X)

Had a dream I was trying to find some new local BBS's to join and couldn't find any. Maybe it wasn't a dream?

For the first time ever I broke the LCD on my phone and had to get it repaired. Was nice that there are mobile services that will do this in your home. Possibly could have fixed it myself but was nice to have somebody with much more experience handle it.

Who are some interesting women of color to follow here? Looking especially for activists and other people who talk about justice.

Tell all your friends. I'm teaching a free, trans-centered, programming class in NYC in a few days. with and

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