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For the first time ever I broke the LCD on my phone and had to get it repaired. Was nice that there are mobile services that will do this in your home. Possibly could have fixed it myself but was nice to have somebody with much more experience handle it.

Who are some interesting women of color to follow here? Looking especially for activists and other people who talk about justice.

Tell all your friends. I'm teaching a free, trans-centered, programming class in NYC in a few days. with and

Started broiling tater tots the last 10 minutes for perfectly crispy potato perfection.

Slipped and fell down the front stairs last night while cleaning them. I'm covered in bruises and pain today.

yet another paper rejection. once again: strong accept, weak accept, strong reject. frustrating. seems increasingly impossible to publish work on software/digital preservation tooling in Computer Science since at least one person will say "this doesn't belong"

Hey, look! An updated version of the freeware local deathmatch DOS classic Jump 'n Bump that runs on modern systems and supports more players!

Moved back to my previous aligner because the new one isn't fitting right, have some rocking. Need to contact my dentist I guess.

Step two on my Invisaligns already. So far it's weird the first week and fine on the second with these. My braces were pain everyday. Especially when I had the rubber bands.

Yesterday, after 6 months of waiting, my surgeon sending the wrong form, playing phone tag because they left the practice were I had my surgery and started their own, sending a new form.. I finally got my updated birth certificate!

Started doing the Ruby track on exercism to get some non-work related practice. It's been a while and they've improved so much. Having a blast!

The bed I slept in last night was so stiff it feels like I got punched in the ribs while sleeping.

Carmel-by-the-sea was nice but now back to Santa Cruz 😁

Went to a spa and then a fancy Italian restaurant today. Much relaxing and good food. Great Saturday 😻😻



Hey friends! It's been a while but I'm back! New job, updated Mastodon profile! Let's burn the bird site down 😁

Have been very frustrated at work for a while now. Said some things to managers with little action. Last week I said some things on Twitter and now they are inspired. Going to be an interesting day. Wonder how my 1:1 meeting with my manager will go today?

When your confidence is trashed, you're feeling stuck, and everyone is leaving your team.

Stopped at Goodwill on the way home & found this Atari VCS prototype cart. Looks like this proto version hasn't been seen before. Pretty great for $2.

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