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Goodbye, passwords in OnionShare! The new version (out today!) replaces HTTP basic auth with private keys. Check it out.

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It is worth noting that auto-delete capabilities are built into Mastodon as of version v3.5.0 which is really cool!

The settings can be found in Settings => Automated post deletion (or by visiting /statuses_cleanup on your instance)

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I've just requested an archive of my data and will fire up shortly after.

is a free open-source service which can automatically delete old tweets, retweets, likes and DMs according to custom thresholds - created by @micahflee.

Spending the morning hacking my GE fridge so it will allow me to install generic water filters without their DRM RFID chips

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Hope this ends up being like infosec Twitter used to be a few years ago. Thanks to Elon Musk for giving me the push to give it a try.

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Friends of the . Lots of changes coming to the client in the next three months. Would love if you could all grab the Daily or Beta release and let me know thoughts and concerns as you watch the changes roll in.

Go to the bottom of site to choose version:

Feel free to ping me with your experience!

I hope the servers are prepared to scale @Gargron

So much hacked Russian data. It's impossible to keep up

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Getting the official Mastodon apps out there was a massive undertaking. More than a year of ongoing design and development, and biggest team that we've ever had. Seeing how talented people bring your vision to life is honestly a real treat.

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This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

My latest article:

Russia is Losing a War Against Hackers Stealing Huge Amounts of Data

Dozens of Russian companies and government agencies have been hacked in apparent retribution for the invasion of Ukraine.

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I've been working on this story on how location-tracking firm Anomaly Six proposed to combine its surveillance with Twitter firehose partner Zignal Labs for a long time and it's finally up.

I woke up this morning to find a Twitter thread I posted yesterday about the massive number of hacks against Russia, and DDoSecrets, went viral. It's at 20k likes and notifications are scrolling by way too fast to follow

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NEW: Doorbell cameras record audio 20-30 feet away, per @ConsumerReports. If you live near these devices, conversations you have on sidewalks or in parked cars may be sitting on Amazon's servers.

Trying out the new Mastodon Android app! Seems pretty nice so far

OnionShare 2.5 is out! This version fixes all the security issues found in a comprehensive security audit, and also improves censorship circumvention

Vulnerabilities the pen testers found:
- 0 critical
- 0 high
- 2 elevated
- 3 moderate
- 4 low

Huge thanks to Radically Open Security for bug hunting and OTF's Red Team Labs for paying for it.

You can read the complete penetration test report here:

Docs translation status continued:

Polish (pl), 96%
Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR), 94%
Russian (ru), 96%
Dutch (nl), 53%
Finnish (fi), 81%
Kurdish (Central) (ckb), 50%
Portuguese (Portugal) (pt_PT), 63%
Arabic (ar), 33%
Bengali (bn), 15%
Catalan (ca), 23%
Chinese (Traditional) (zh_Hant), 29%
Croatian (hr), 36%
Icelandic (is), 22%
Indonesian (id), 11%
Irish (ga), 16%
Serbian (latin) (sr_Latn), 16%
Slovak (sk), 44%
Swedish (sv), 33%

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App translation status continued:

Persian (fa), 53.8%
Polish (pl), 87.1%
Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR), 87.1%
Portuguese (Portugal) (pt_PT), 87.1%
Romanian (ro), 53.4%
Russian (ru), 87.1%
Serbian (latin) (sr_Latn), 71.7%
Slovak (sk), 71.3%
Swedish (sv), 87.1%
Telugu (te), 52.5%

The app is translated into way more languages than the docs right now. Can we change that? The doc translations that aren't done right now:

German (de), 94%
Italian (it), 95%
Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO), 94%

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App translation status, for languages that are >50% translated:

Afrikaans (af), 54.2%
Arabic (ar), 82.4%
Bengali (bn), 87.1%
Catalan (ca), 70.5%
Chinese (Traditional) (zh_Hant), 71.7%
Croatian (hr), 87.1%
Danish (da), 76.0%
Dutch (nl), 75.2%
Finnish (fi), 78.2%
French (fr), 87.1%
Galician (gl), 87.1%
German (de), 87.1%
Greek (el), 87.1%
Indonesian (id), 76.9%
Irish (ga), 58.1%
Italian (it), 71.3%
Kurdish (Central) (ckb), 71.3%
Lithuanian (lt), 87.1%
Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO), 84.1%

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87% of the app is translated into Bengali, and only 15% of the docs are.
Only 87% of the app is translated into French, and 71% of the app is translated into Italian, but the French docs are at 100%, and Italian at 95%.
87% of the app is in Swedish, and only 33% of docs.

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Only 82% of the app is translated into Arabic, and only at 33% of the documentation (at is. If you speak Arabic and have some free time, it would be great to get these to 100%.
The app is 100% translated in Chinese Simplified, but only 72% translated into Chinese Traditional. And none of the docs are translated to Chinese at all yet.

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