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ICYMI: In July I presented at the Circle of HOPE about the amazing things that the Qubes operating system makes possible, like

- opening email attachments in "disposable VMs"
- managing anonymous identities with Whonix
- keeping secrets like password databases, PGP keys, and sensitive documents stored in vaults without Internet access
- anonymously connecting to VPNs over Tor

Check it out:

@micahflee @tek Also, the idea that Julian individually invented wikileaks is ludicrous. There were at least 6 if not more like 8-10 folks involved on the technical stuff before the announcement at congress.

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Check it out, I finally ditched WordPress and rebuilt my website using the static site generator Lektor. No more PHP or MySQL, it's very cool

And this was the final archive (~17GB), which I downloaded before deleting my account.

I'm liking Firefox more and more these days. I stopped using adblock add-ons and now I only use the built-in Content Blocking, and it's great

The Stratfor hack wouldn't have been possible without help from FBI informant Hector "Sabu" Monsegur, who at the direction of the FBI, first told Jeremy about Stratfor, found the initial vuln, and provided an FBI-controlled server to exfiltrate data to

Revelations that came from the Stratfor hack:

Dow Chemical, responsible for 25,000 deaths in the Bhopal, India 1984 gas leak, hired Stratfor to spy on activist group The Yes Men

Coca-Cola hired Stratfor to spy on PETA activists, worried they might be planning direct action

US oil and gas industry hired Stratfor to spy on ProPublica, which broke the first stories about the environmental/health risks of fracking

Jeremy has been taking college classes through a prison education system, and was on track to getting an Associate's Degree in General Studies next semester. Since he's been in solitary, he's been forced to miss classes, can't turn in assignments, is missing finals.

Classes are his favorite thing about this prison, and if he gets transferred to another prison he almost certainly won't get to continue his education

A disciplinary hearing last week (Jeremy wasn't allowed to attend in person) upheld the charge against him, and recommended he gets transferred to a medium-security prison. If he gets transferred, he'll probably not get to finish his college degree.

Because it's a disciplinary, not criminal, charge, he wasn't entitled to a lawyer, and doesn't know what evidence was presented against him, if any. He'll probably stay in solitary until the charge against him is resolved, however long that takes.

LulzSec hacktivist Jeremy Hammond, who hacked Stratfor and leaked docs to WikiLeaks in 2012, is beginning his third week in solitary confinement. A guard accused him of "minor assault" for bumping him with a door.

UN's torture expert says solitary confinement "can amount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" and called for an absolute prohibition of >15 days (about how long Jeremy's been there so far) cuz it can lead to lasting mental damage

The lawyer of refugee families that Edward Snowden hid out with in Hong Kong says he and his clients have been targeted with "what appears to be a broad campaign of harassment and intimidation, the full scope of which has never before been reported"

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