Software of the day:

Porcupine by @micahflee is awesome and simple!
It is the perfect "default web browser."
I use it for everything handling links, including PasswordSafe.

#porcupine #tor #browser #torbrowser #passwordsafe

The Intercept is hiring a digital security specialist in NYC, if anyone is interested!

You’ll work directly with journalists on operational security issues related to securing devices, communicating with sources, protecting document sets, and collaborating securely. You'll also develop curriculum for and help run an internal digital security training program.

This is a union job. POC, people with disabilities, women, and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

I just programmed an open source tool called semiphemeral that lets you automatically delete your old tweets, except for the ones you want to keep. Would be cool to add support for making your toots semiphemeral too, one day...

Weird, git simply isn't letting my clone this repo. Gives this error each time

$ git clone
Cloning into 'werkzeug'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 47, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (47/47), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (39/39), done.
error: object ab3c3bc6f72987f051960393d1f6c5d7bebc84b9: missingSpaceBeforeEmail: invalid author/committer line - missing space before email
fatal: fsck error in packed object
fatal: index-pack failed

Run for office y'all. You don't need to be anything. You don't need to be some kinda special 1 of a kind maverick or whatever. You'll have staff and a legal team to help you out with whatever you're unsure of. We have elected officials in congress RIGHT THE FUCK NOW who think
-babies grow in our stomachs
-carbon monoxide is good for us
-periods happen at will
-A biblical war between Muslims and Jews will bring Jesus Christ back.
-That a Nuclear Winter is no bfd.

You're fine, you're qualified.

we're looking for volunteers to seed / host the .iso file for Quillux GNU/Linux, our @debian respin with Signal, Wire, @matrix, @torproject Browser, @DuckDuckGo, and more. Please comment or DM and we'll send the file + checksum.

OnionShare 2.1 is released! This version is translated into 23 languages, and allows you to schedule the server starting at some point in the future so you can use it as a "dead man's switch". Check it out

Ten years ago, a small team of web developers conspired to kill IE6 from inside YouTube and got away with it

For the last several months I’ve been using Helm, a home server that I'm using to host my email, contacts, and calendar. It's well designed and easy to use β€” I don't have to do any system administration. Check out my detailed and technical review

Is it possible to set up a new two-factor authentication device on if I don't actually have the old 2FA device anymore, but I do still have recovery codes? Doesn't look like it...

The American people deserve to know whether mass surveillance is legal and constitutional. We look forward to seeking review in the Ninth Circuit.

I got fillings at the dentist this morning, and now I'm hungry but I still can't feel the left side of my face and I'm scared of gnawing my cheek off if I eat

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