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Micah Lee ๐Ÿ”‘ @micahflee@mastodon.social

Meet Sunder, a New Way to Share Secrets

Check it out, Snowden and cryptographer Frederic Jacobs originally came up with the concept and it's finally ready for testing. A usable implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing scheme, with crypto implemented in rust.

ยท Tusky ยท 16 ยท 19
@micahflee There is also ssss, which is a command line implementation. Not a GUI, but easy to use and still suitable for many people. It's available in many GNU/Linux distros.

My initial concern with Sunder is that it has a huge number of dependencies, along with a complex runtime, which drastically increases the attack surface and the possibility of things going wrong. It also makes it very difficult to audit the system as a whole.

Thanks for sharing, though; I'll submit comments as requested.