Super interesting paper and presentation on recent mix-net research. They propose a new anonymous communication system called Loopix which is secure against global passive adversaries (which Tor isn't secure against)

@micahflee unfortunately the pdf does not load on my phone, but I'll check it ASAP.
Sounds too good to be true tbh!?

@Maltimore there isn't a live implementation yet, but Katzenpost looks quite far along

@micahflee interesting. It's a non-goal to hide the sender identity from the recipient - whereas this *is* one of Tor' goals if I understand correctly

@Maltimore I think it's difficult to directly compare Loopix with Tor because they do different things. Loopix is a mixnet for messages like email, IMs, and Tor is for IP traffic.

What that non-goal means is that if I send you an email through Katzenpost, when you receive it you'll see it's from me, but no one else will know.

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