I just published an article that describes in technical detail how Russia executed their attacks on the US election, how they got caught, and what capabilities the US appears to have.

What Mueller's Latest Indictment Reveals About Russian and U.S. Spycraft

@micahflee Allegations. You published a description of allegations. Not of how "Russia totally hacked the election". On top of that you call the alternative version a "conspiracy theory", while the indictment literally alleges that GRU officers "conspired with each other and other persons". Except the inside-leak theory actually describes no conspiracy, because it's one man sending docs to Wikileaks.

@raucao the conspiracy theory -- which is completely false and 100% debunked -- is that Democrats murdered Seth Rich because he was WikiLeaks' source.

It's not an "alternative explanation", it's not backed up by anything at all. It's Assange lying and spreading misinformation, and it basically worked. Rich's parents had to sue Fox News because they wouldn't stop lying about their dead son

@micahflee @raucao incidentally, today @OCCRP published an article on just how that kind of lies get published, and by whom:

The whole Spooks and Spin project is well worth a read:

@micahflee very interesting article. Thanks for sharing your work.

@micahflee Was it perhaps the Dutch who compromised the GRU computers?

Is it related to their surveillance that was reported in April?

Apparently they were inside Russian networks for a couple of years through to the time of the election.

@micahflee This is really great journalism. Thank you.

@micahflee This is journalism, great article, thank you. Those search history speculations are interesting. It's not know though which search engine it's all about. The most silly alternative seems to be that they used G.

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