Someone texted this to me and I thought it was an incredibly apt description of bitcoin

@micahflee is Twitter really that small? I saw that tweet in the wild yesterday.

@micahflee How is bitcoin not contributing to greenhouse gas production?

@NialElkim bitcoin *is* contributing to greenhouse gas production

@micahflee I was going to bawl you out for not providing a text description, and then I saw you did. Great stuff!

@micahflee I don't get the phrase "solving". I thought it was more of a guess-and-check sort of thing?

@ster I think it's a good analogy because running a hash function is similar to running a Sudoku solving algorithm (like the one described in this paper) in terms of repetitive computation

@micahflee it’s mostly just a commodity people trade in order to lose mine on nowdays. It going to be real fun next tax season when the bitcoin investors come rolling in to file their taxes

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