I just published passphraseme to PyPI. It's a simple cryptographically secure script to generate high entropy passphrases using EFF's wordlists. Try it out with:

pip3 install passphraseme

Here's the source code:

@micahflee I made this script for the same purpose:

But it uses ispell word lists :P

@micahflee Great tool! But your password strength calculation is a bit weird. I don't think anyone reading this is worried about an attacker who can spend 1 billion per day to crack a single password. If an attacker can do that, they can do lots of other things that are more effective.

"anime eligibly dismount detail imprecise" would be an accurate decription of high school for me. Unforunately, I could describe at least one night out as "cone trap cost runny smash grip alive", emphasis on #alive!

@micahflee ah man way to beat me to a project that was waaaay down my list

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