Check it out, I finally ditched WordPress and rebuilt my website using the static site generator Lektor. No more PHP or MySQL, it's very cool

@micahflee Interesting. I hadn't heard of Lektor. Why did you choose that over others like Hugo / Jekyll / etc...?


@K_REY_C because I attended a meeting full of free software people awhile ago and had a discussion on static site generators, and ultimately decided Lektor had the best support for localization.

I'm not planning on localizing, but I would like to rebuild using Lektor and include all the documentation, so it can get translated into other languages just like the app. My own site was to learn how to use Lektor

@micahflee If I were to redo my website now I would probably go with Lektor as all the other torproject sites use it, or plan to use it, but I used Hugo and now my brain has to handle two systems. I went with Hugo because at the time, the OONI website had been rebuilt in Hugo and I didn't want to have to learn two things.

They're meant to be really easy to migrate between because "it's all just text files" but in practice I've got some hacks in there to get a list of publications out of BibTeX and tracking travel I'm doing and things like this.

The real question though, is where is your #Onion service?

@micahflee yay! I have used Pelican and I too use Lektor now. Great stuff

@micahflee also great website. Where do you host? I have been using Github pages.

@amanjeev I just moved it to GitHub Pages, though I'm considering moving back to a VPS so I can also run a Tor onion service

@micahflee that’s a great idea. I am just chicken to run that. Lol

@micahflee Ohhhh, I /love/ your image of self, it is hilarious. Thank you for making me lough!

@micahflee Do you have any plans to write about what the process of switching to Lektor was like?

@gwm yeah I'm thinking about it. I'm hesitant to publish my Lektor repository though because then people can see my writing process through my commit history, and I like to only publish final versions not work-in-progress drafts :).

It was pretty interesting, I think I really like Lektor. The most interesting part was migrating old nested WordPress comments into Lektor. I automated that part, but manually converted blog posts from HTML to markdown.

@micahflee Did you use a "theme" or did you just code the templates yourself?

@chetwisniewski I used the Lektor quickstart command, then edited from there. Didn't use a theme. I used to be a full stack web dev for a long time though, so I'm familiar with responsive design, etc.

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