I'm trying out Fedora Silverblue in a VirtualBox VM (on an Ubuntu host). For some reason, after installing and creating a user, the keyboard doesn't work. Like when I reboot, I can't type my password to login. Anyone else have this problem?

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@micahflee I've installed in real hardware and didn't have that problem. Since I've wanted to see how far Silverblue has come lately I've had a plan to test it again, and I'll do that in a VM.

I'll try it and let you know how it goes. Are you using Virtualbox?

@loke yup I'm having this problem testing in VirtualBox

@micahflee I just installed version 31 on Virtualbox. It works fine here. I haven't tried rawhide though.

@micahflee I use #silverblue both on my Laptop and Desktop machine and do not have this issue. I have it installed on a Gnome Boxes VM (Silverblue 30 tho) and also no problem there. Maybe check on

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