A federal judge ruled that the US government is entitled to any money Edward Snowden makes from his memoir and paid speeches because he disclosed classified information without approval, and didn't let NSA and CIA do "prepublication review"

@micahflee one wonders wether that is going to apply to all investigative journalism one day.

@micahflee does he accept Monero or bitcoin for his book?

@tomris he doesn't sell it directly, his publisher does. So I don't think so

@tomris @micahflee that's a great idea, he needs a patreon like account to help keep him going, and getting paid directly in crypto so the gov't can't get it's grubby hands on it.

- the publisher still makes money I suppose
- author doesn't (maybe someday will)
- people buying the book still pay the part that should got to the author I guess?

Everyone is happy except the readers and the author (in terms of financial fairness.)

Add to that the situation with the Chinese edition being censored.

Seems like a nice case for a copyleft edition of the book with voluntary donation to the author.

P.S. I'm lucky to have the printed book myself.

@micahflee So that now they can go after him for the *real* crime -- tax evasion.

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