Here’s what the Iowa Democratic Party should have done (and what everyone else in the business of running elections should do) to ensure that election software is as secure and reliable as possible

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@micahflee Some points:

1. Everyone's talking about the app, no one's talking about the server. How do we know there's anything wrong with the app at all? Also, who developed the server?

2. Given the numerous, documented, shady goings-on and connections Shadow have, how do we know there's anything wrong with the app at all? It maybe working as designed.

3. The obvious way to secure the app is to not use one.

@adz I think of the server as part of the same software contract the Iowa Dems paid for. I'm sure the party had their own logins to the server to view the data, etc.

I agree there's a lot of shadiness, but I'm very skeptical that there's any conspiracy going on without seeing any actual evidence of it first.

Until I see evidence otherwise, I think ordinary incompetence is much more likely

@micahflee Thanks for the reply. I admit it's not much, but I did go over some stuff here:

The CNN report especially is weird.

Or better: don't use Election Software/Computers.

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