Zoom's encryption has some major flaws, is "not suited for secrets", and Zoom has servers in China generating meeting encryption keys for users in other countries, Citizen Lab researchers discover (by me)


Is anyone looking into House Party?. That's the one my friends have settled on and it looks dodgy as hell.

@celesteh @micahflee Security Expert Mike Kuketz took a look at House Party. He ran out of the hou… ahem, room, saying it's a privacy nightmare.

#Zoom does everything wrong one possibly could do wrong. And more.


I didn't know anyone from the intercept was on the fediverse!

As far as zoom though, at this point I have become super jaded about the next VC funded app that is exploding in popularity that is totally awesome and free (free as in free cheese in the mouse trap free). I wish jitsi didnt require setting up a server so I could widely recommend it as an alternative.

Thank you for reporting on zoom's issues especially early on the in the meteoric rise of it.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @micahflee Jitsee has got an official instance and a few other ngo have got instances running too. Like framatalk but there are probably others.

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