If you haven't been following it, the transparency collective DDoSecrets published 270gb of hacked police data called .

In response, yesterday,Twitter permanently banned their account and started blocking all links to

"it's unclear why DDoSecrets was banned for republishing hacked material while Wikileaks has been doing the same for years while retaining its Twitter account"

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@micahflee fun fact, seems to be using @occrp's Aleph software.

@micahflee I've heard conflicting reports on the content of the data. For instance, that there's no police disciplinary data but there is victim data?

@Greg I haven't looked through the content yet myself. The data is from fusion centers, where police departments cooperate with each other.

One big story I've heard from it so far is that FBI has been monitoring social media and sending posts critical of police to local police departments

@micahflee @Greg at least one group of protestors has been spreading this information via megaphone about cops present at that protest, so it's also about police

@micahflee Maybe they go after the easy target, meanwhile Facebook allows far more, hence Ben and Jerry's have now pulled advertising..

@Micah Lee 🔑

Should we really browse a site that uses in their html? Sure, I block it but maybe a warning should be in place.

@CyberSocialist torrent is here:

It's a 22mb torrent, and their server is hammered, so it might take a minute to download. And the magnet link is too long for a toot lol

@micahflee why not torrent the ‘torrent’ then??! And I only need the 🧲 hash!!

@micahflee 🙏 DHT not working? And out of curiosity what does ‘behaving badly’ mean and why - interference from law enforcement/ someone else?

@micahflee Same reason why Trump can post hate or violent speech in violation of platform policy and is still on the platform. Money and too many complaints of Wikileaks were silenced. Smaller entities are easier to silence.

@micahflee good on Twitter for making the leaks suddenly 100 times more interesting to the public. Might as well slap a sticker on it saying, "This is the info Twitter doesn't want you to see!"

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