You should follow Distributed Denial of Secrets on here. They've been draconianly suspended from Twitter for publishing BlueLeaks, an 270gb archive of leaked police documents @ddosecrets

@ddosecrets @micahflee nice to have you around! Thanks for you service ❤️ 😍

You are great! :blobcatpolice:

@micahflee @ddosecrets here's a mirror: is a mirror of the #BlueLeaks data dump, expanded for your ease of access. For download the archive yourself, see and to see if your information has been leaked apart of this release,

ps: and that's only one data archive of the amazing #DDoSecrets crew, promised.
@ddosecrets @micahflee ah, ok, i wasn't that far yet.

btw, be careful with your interview with @tarnkappeinfo - the editors are pretty devious and deceptive on numerous topics (Tor, CCC/Antifa, Assange, ect)
@ddosecrets @micahflee @tarnkappeinfo ya, that was it. You've read the result of their intention? Quite funny and an impression of their mindset and how they work, en & de mixed:

@ddosecrets @bodoe @micahflee yes...
I Forwarded your Messages to our editors.
I Hope they will change something.

@ddosecrets @bodoe @micahflee He told us that he is a member. That is all I can say. Lars Sobiraj.

@ddosecrets @bodoe @micahflee no worries, there won't be any interview with DDoSecrets. I do not support people with such bad behavior.

@tarnkappeinfo @ddosecrets @micahflee every editor can get into a fallacy, or false dilemma s/t. But if it doesn't fit, one should put it straight, not ignoring facts for a narrativ, cabal, or click rates.

Fawning and chumming up is far too little, except for TK and your cronies. As the US CiC says, "so sad."
@tarnkappeinfo @ddosecrets @micahflee ya, well, life is a bitch. Let the readers decide. Carry you on with your SEO-Mannsgarn for more visibility and a better ranking. But, as they say, be careful what you wish for. Have a nice one

@bodoe @ddosecrets @micahflee Tillie introduced herself as a member. And he spread the releases through his Twitter account. There is not much more to say.

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