Last month Gab was hacked. I examined the ~65gb of the hacked data. Here's a broad overview of what I found.

Inside Gab, the Online Safe Space for Far-Right Extremists


Just over 100,000 accounts have posted more than 10 times since December 1, 2020, making that number much closer to Gab’s actual active user base.

Great, can journalists top referring to gab as the largest “federated” server now?

@JoYo do journalists call it that? It's definitely not federated, and it's not even running mastodon anymore

Are you kidding me? The Intercept requires javascript? The *Intercept*? No thanks. ^_^

@kot @micahflee Even worse, The Intercept is a #CloudFlare site, so all your traffic is intercepted by CloudFlare, if CF doesn't 1st block you for using Tor. Indeed that site should be avoided by anyone with any respect for #netneutrality & privacy.

@koherecoWatchdog @kot

The Intercept's website doesn't require JavaScript, most functionality works fine without it. And a Tor onion service version of the site is coming soon

Thanks. The onion service will be very welcome. I use Tor most of the time, and apparently The Intercept sits behind Cloudflare or similar that throws up a javascript captcha to Tor users.. Regards.

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