Excited to announce that The Intercept now has a Tor onion service version of its website, giving users a more anonymous option for reading the site



Still has JavaScript from a non-onion website...
"" or something.

@lienrag That's for embedded video. The website still has javascript and some third-party resources, yes

@lienrag @micahflee Despite third-party resources (which will still be fetched over Tor) you are gaining security here because you are assured you're visiting the legitimate Intercept site without relying on Certificate Authorities.
It would be "yet more secure" if *all* the resources came from Onion sites but this is still a great step!

@micahflee Does the TOR version also include Google Analytics? 👀 😂

@micahflee Dude it loads so fast. Nice.

I wonder if https everywhere could be abused to opportunistically upgrade me to onion addresses where available...

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