@micahflee looking at it on tails now. Interesting, didn’t know… thanks!

@threed take a look at gitlab.tails.boum.org/tails/ta - the answer is unfortunately ‘someday’, due to a bunch of blockers.

But with v2 onions being discontinued, it looks like some effort might be put in ‘soon’ by the Tails core team to help get through those issues.

That effort might land OnionShare 2.1 in Tails, but it might also unblock efforts to install 2.3.x as a snap on Tails too, which would be awesome. (gitlab.tails.boum.org/tails/ta)


@micahflee Thank you so much for your great work! Onionshare makes it super easy to host a rage-vent .onion blog that I know no one will ever read.

@micahflee in retrospect this sounds mildly sarcastic but its not. Its genuinely relieving to know that because I never share the url the odds of anyone finding this dumb blog are minuscule, and the odds of anyone tracing it back to me even smaller.
But if it was not hypothetically public in some fashion it would not be nearly as cathartic, so yeah. thanks a bunch.

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