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Micah Lee 🔑 @micahflee

Silicon Valley’s $400 Juicer May Be Feeling the Squeeze

Two investors in Juicero were surprised to learn the startup’s juice packs could be squeezed by hand without using its high-tech machine.


Apr 19, 2017, 16:20 · Web · 12 · 18

@micahflee i mean ... what were they expecting?

@micahflee that can't be real...

@micahflee A juicer to juice, already juiced juice!?!

@micahflee @rustyk5 this story is such beautiful silicon valley schadenfreude, it's giving me life today.

@micahflee Ahahaha, Silly Valley 'innovators' being oblivious as ${HELL} again. News at ${EXPLETIVE}ing 11. They should fail, and soon.

@micahflee @rustyk5 the juicero tag on instagram led me to discover that whole foods in socal have self-juicero stations. bagged juice, at a whole foods, with all the fruit they sell, in socal where produce is fresh and cheap.