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The Intercept's just released a 4-part series about US government terrorism prosecutions since 9/11 called Trial and Terror, including amazing data visualizations: theintercept.com/series/trial-

Micah Lee 🔑 @micahflee

Over 400 people convicted of terrorism in the US have been released since 9/11, with with little if any monitoring by law enforcement.

"[This] might suggest U.S. government officials believe they can be fully rehabilitated following minor prison terms. A more likely explanation is that many of these so-called terrorists weren’t particularly dangerous in the first place."


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A group of Miami men who discussed a bomb plot with an undercover informant "spent six to 13 years behind bars; they couldn’t become cooperating witnesses, because they didn’t know any real terrorists. But the more dangerous a defendant, or the more extensive his contacts with terrorists, the more likely he can leverage his connections for leniency."