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The Intercept's just released a 4-part series about US government terrorism prosecutions since 9/11 called Trial and Terror, including amazing data visualizations: theintercept.com/series/trial-

@micahflee The FBI did something like that here in Rochester. They basically singled out a mentally ill poor person, pretended to be from ISIS and then gave him money to go buy knives and stuff from Wal-Mart. Then they arrested him for terrorism.
@csaurus @micahflee I've read about a few cases like that. Arguably the "spycops" cases here were an attempt to do something similar, and agents provocateurs are a well known phenomenon. What passes for politics can be an incredibly shady business in which people just get used as pawns in someone's personal power game.
@bob @micahflee I have to read the intercept article more extensively later. But it's hardly surprising. The police have always preyed on the weakest members of society here in the US.Β 
Micah Lee πŸ”‘ @micahflee

@csaurus @bob this article is specifically about FBI sting operations, and how few of the terrorist suspects have any links to terrorism, and are only aided by undercover FBI agents pretending to be terrorists theintercept.com/2017/04/20/fb

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@micahflee @bob Just finished reading this and one of the people mentioned is the very same person I was thinking of. I actually lived about two blocks from where they apprehended him. Ridiculous that he got 20 years.