Domain fronting is critical to the open web

Tor is an open network, and all Tor relay IPs are public, which makes it simple for repressive governments to block them all.

Meek is a domain fronting pluggable transport that censored users rely on to bypass these blocks. Since Amazon and Google have blocked domain fronting, only Microsoft's Azure cloud still works, but Tor hears Microsoft might block it next.

@JasmineLoveAustin @micahflee A web which relies on the good judgement of Amazon and Google is not actually a viable #openweb

@bob @JasmineLoveAustin

A web where Russia, Egypt, and UAE decide to censor access to apps and services they don't like is even less viable.

Domain fronting is attempting to hide behind these huge tech companies to bypass censorship

@micahflee @JasmineLoveAustin Right. But I don't think we can rely upon them to play along, or devise systems which critically depend upon their cooperation.
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