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It’s one thing to fire someone for managing employees poorly. But when the employees she managed resign in solidarity with her, that’s a pretty strong indicator that she wasn’t managing them poorly.

I've been trying to learn Spanish for a long time, doing Duolingo, taking beginner classes. But it's hard and so much work and maybe I should quit for awhile and be content that at least I'm good at computer languages

HTML5 ping tracking – Firefox :firefox: will enable it by default:

– HTML5 ping attributes can be used to track people if they click a link (<a href=… ping=…>) by sending POST requests to an arbitrary amount of hosts
– tracking is possible without any JavaScript, or Cookies
– Steve Gibson talked about it in Security Now 709:
– ping is enabled in Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari by default

#html5 #ping #tracking #firefox #mozilla

Judith Clark, a former Weather Underground radical who drove the getaway car in a deadly 1981 Brink’s heist — in which two police officers and a guard were killed — was granted parole after serving more than 37 years in a New York prison

Confederate monuments, yelling 

women who voice chat in online games are braver than the US Marines

US presidential politics 

The associated article, by Naomi Klein, is also worth reading. It digs into the history of the New Deal and the role art played in the 1930s

This 7-minute utopian sci-fi film, narrated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and animated by Molly Crabapple, is very good. It imagines a future where we decide to take climate change seriously and, through the Green New Deal, work to change everything about our society

I've gotta say Keybase super impressive these days.

Keybase ❤️'s Mastodon, and how to get your site on Keybase

The lates release of OnionShare (v2!) brings a pretty incredible list of new features. @micahflee's post is a good intro but you really need to dig into it

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