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Yo, developers making apps for @elementary I just released a new version of my elementary icon templates. If you still need to make an icon or just need to make a better one go check 'em out. This update totally reworks both the vertical and horizontal rectangle icons and fixes smaller things like newer gradient stops and more consistent shadows.

After 2 months of hard work, AppCenter now has support in Git master. Massive shoutouts to David Hewitt and others!

Users have asked us about a dark style preference in elementary OS. In our latest story, Cassidy dives into the research and prior art around dark styles, plus shares how it could be achieved not only in elementary OS, but across desktops.

Hold on to your butts. Just got an order of coasters in and you’ll be able to get your own soon 😉

Here it is. It's time for a FreeDesktop dark style preference. Here's what that would entail, and why:

A respondent of the User Interface Study I conducted pointed this out to me. It's a good, short read. :)

I made a mock-up of an idea I had for a guitar tuner app for @elementary OS. I had a lot of fun with it. Now I'm really tempted to try to learn Vala and try to make it real.

The Akira dark mode is looking sexier every day 😍

Even if you’re “just a teenager,” you can make a big difference in open source software. Some of the smartest and most passionate folks I’ve worked with at elementary are younger than me. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young or inexperienced to make an impact!

Encryption must instead be the default in protocols like RCS and email. If you make the end user have to think, care, and act, you've already lost.

I don't have a problem with people liking big phones, I just think people who like small ones are EXTREMELY underserved in the current market.

I want a small flagship phone. Not a “5.5" is totally small!” phone, but a truly small phone that is fast, gets updates, and has a good camera. Like… a Pixel Mini. ~4.5" 2:1 OLED. Thinish bezels, but doesn't have to be edge to edge. Premium build.

Ever wanted to make your own app for elementary OS? It's pretty straightforward; we provide great resources, several ways for users to discover your app, and a no-nonsense path to monetization.

Working on a Granite utility to get a contrasting foreground color. This is something I implemented in my Palette app, but could be more generally useful for app developers. *One* example is for headerbars, but there are a lot of other applications for it!

A little sneak peek at the upcoming installer. 👀



New month, new updates! Check out our latest blog post to see what's new in elementary OS

I do not need to flash Android Q beta on my brand new Pixel 3. I do not need to flash Android Q beta on my brand new Pixel 3. I do not need to flash Android Q beta on my brand new Pixel 3. I do not need to flash Android Q beta on my brand new Pixel 3. I do not need to flash Andro



NEW: Apple lobbyists have been meeting with lawmakers in California to try to kill right to repair legislation. Using a disassembled iPhone, they are telling lawmakers that people who try to fix their own phones are likely to hurt themselves on the battery


We're selling my wife's excellent-condition Pixel (128 GB, white/silver) on Swappa! Check it out if you're looking for an excellent phone.

We’re making elementary OS more accessible by default through an OS-wide effort to add and better expose features. Learn why, and how:

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