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Yo, developers making apps for @elementary I just released a new version of my elementary icon templates. If you still need to make an icon or just need to make a better one go check 'em out. This update totally reworks both the vertical and horizontal rectangle icons and fixes smaller things like newer gradient stops and more consistent shadows.

We're getting closer to a pretty good sideloading experience for Flatpak ref files

Hey mastodon, are there any on here? I'm looking to buy some more green coffee and am looking for suggestions. What's your favorite coffee where do you get it from and what's your preferred roast level for it? I'm looking to try something new. My main brew methods are espresso with my Rancilio Silvia and pour over.

The first of our volunteer community members was approved on sponsors! For every $1 you pledge, GitHub will match. Help fund development by sponsoring David Hewitt here:

This Hacktoberfest is going be hard for me. I had a bachelor party last week, I've got my session A finals this week, my brothers wedding next week, and am just generally super busy this month. I hope I can sneak in some pull requests. I love it so I'd really hate to miss a year.

I had my first Soylent today. It's pretty tasty. Would drink again.

UX dark pattern: showing “monthly” pricing, but billing annually. I get that you’re showing users they save money in the long-run if they choose to pay for a year up-front, but it comes off as deceptive every time I see it.

Whoever thought that voiding the market entirely of small phones that could be used with one hand was a good idea obviously never had kids.

This toot was typed awkwardly tapping at the screen with my non-dominant hand and the phone weirdly sat in my lap while holding a toddler.

had my first class on #accessibility today

first impressions:

it was a lot of fun
the teacher is super cool
this was probably my first class where women were in majority, which, hm. says something about the techbro attitudes i see in a lot of other students.

anyways, people who are studying #programming , if your uni/school/whatever offers an accessibility class, i highly recommend taking it

I need help completing the information here for various desktop environments:

Fork this website please. Link in the footer

Left-handedness is an accessibility issue that very few people take into account.

Issue report that only an Open Source project would get:

“I’d like to report that your home page contains marketing”

I roasted my first batch of coffee today. ½ pound of Brazilian beans. It went a bit darker than I'd have liked but I'll let it rest for a couple of days and see if it tastes ok.

When trying to convince an open source project to change something subjective, especially design-related, avoid overly-criticizing the thing you’re trying to change. The folks you’re talking to *made that thing* and likely think it’s pretty good; calling it shit doesn’t help.

It’s gonna be a great talk. And it’s a great read!


In preparation for my upcoming talk at , I’ve updated my blog post calling for a FreeDesktop Dark Style Preference. More details, more screenshots, and updated info from other platforms (like the iOS 13 beta).




My attention to detail for icons is at the subpixel level. It may only count for a few fractions of a pixel, but it's a few fractions of a pixel more legible. (Left: new, right:old)

I hate that google calls standard IMAP auth “less secure” while simultaneously being restrictive about who is allowed to use their OAuth login. They make life harder for our users and tell them there is something wrong with our security model when really the issue is bureaucracy

I need to learn to write and start a blog but I can't even find the motivation to work on the things I like and am "ok" at let alone the things I suck at and I can't find the self-confidence/worth to even say I'm good at anything let alone feel like I could write about it. I hate my 🧠

Our new blog is officially here. Come read about why we left Medium and how we built a crazy fast, privacy-respecting blog just for you.

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