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Micah Ilbery @micahilbery@mastodon.social

I'm tired of this idea that if you run Linux you should be able to use the terminal and you must be a developer or hacker. My dad happily uses Linux and he barely knows how to turn on a computer. Some non-techy people just like privacy and freedom.

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@micahilbery There's also the benefit of squeezing more life out of an old PC for folks who don't want/can't afford the upgrade mill.

Lubuntu has spared many a relative's PC from the trash heap when Windows security support ended for their OS.

@micahilbery you don't carry your i3config in a memorystick around your neck? n00b pl0x.


@micahilbery if he's running any type of debian variant do him a favor and install the unattended-upgrades package to keep his system regularly patched and updated

@micahilbery My dad also uses Ubuntu happily. He only has one issue, which is that the Skype app is crappy (thanks microsoft).

Now that most users perform 90% of their tasks online, your OS doesn't matter that much

I went for the first 10 years on Linux happily ignorant of the command line. Now I like it but it's very true that you don't need to use it.

@micahilbery Yeah I get those flashy stares when people glance at my monitor in town.


many years ago when I did tech support for a small isp we had a 70'ish yo granny who used dos on a 286 and would kermit into our server to read her email in pine. all she used the computer for was to talk to her grandson at college. since she was used to type-writers, the text-only terminal didn't scare her at all.

@micahilbery As long as the person uses it enjoys doing so, that's all that matters.

Though, I will say that using it casually can lead to a great exploration in learning a lot of technical concepts over time.