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It's nowhere near the center of the cup but I'm extremely happy with this rippled heart I got. It's the first thing I've been able to pull off that I would call latte art. Now that I know I can do this I just gotta keep practicing 💪☕

I'm sad to be leaving Denver but I'm glad to be going back home. I miss my little dude. It's been really fun here and the mountains are gorgeous!

Tonight is one of those nights when I lay down and remember every wrong thing I've ever said or done. Every situation I've made awkward. Every time I've messed up. I have to wake up at 5:30am to catch a flight I can't afford to stare at the ceiling all night.

23% remaining toward our stretch goal. 28 hours left in the campaign. Can we get 1% per hour for the next day and beat our goal? 🤞

Less than three days with 35% remaining towards the stretch goal. Let’s do this! Remember, you can ask any questions here and we’ll answer them—and put any common ones in the FAQ. Help us improve privacy & security for AppCenter!

New blog post is up! This one is about how I use functions to generate SVG data URIs for background images. Check it out at

Is there a @pixelfed Android app? I'm logged in with tusky but I like purpose built apps.

We did it! 100% funded! We’re finalizing our booking arrangements and getting a schedule for the week hammered out. Missed supporting us and snagging some sweet exclusive swag? Fret not! You can still head over and back us past 100%!

How do you use icons on the web? What kind of icons are you using? SVG or icon font? Sprite sheet or direct embed? Or are you doing something else? I may or may not be working on an icon project and am looking for ideas of what I should have for the first release.

How many icons would you expect in a small new web icons project?

The problem with it going from white to black at 0 opacity is that it gets grey-ish in the middle instead of white fading off to nothing.

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I finally figured out why my button colors on my site looked muddy in Webkit. Turns out it doesn't really render transparent very well. it was shifting my gradients to black at 0 opacity. So `linear-gradient(rgba(255,255,255, .3), transparent)` was basically being read as `linear-gradient(rgba(255,255,255, .3), rgba(0,0,0, 0)`

The workaround was to set all my gradients to look like `linear-gradient(rgba(255,255,255, .3), rgba(255,255,255, 0)`

There aren't very many of them and idk how many I'll really do because this isn't an emoji project but I do love how my smileys are turning out.

Went to Meavas Cafe in Alton, IL and got a bag of their house blend coffee. It was great as espresso now I'm trying it as a pour over. That's a pretty flat bed of spent coffee and a great tasting cup out of it 🤤☕

The coffee is bright and earthly, maybe slight nutty, and a little citrus. Light but with a little more body to it as I brewed with a metal filter but still has some clarity.

Remember when technology people made Standards instead of Platforms

Email. IRC. SMS. HTML and shit. The fucking internet itself

Those things would never ever be made today. Instead they'd be shitty proprietary apps that probably only work on shitty proprietary hardware and can't be used by anyone without permission from the company that patented them

That's still kinda happening today? With stuff like dat and SSB and ActivityPub. But all of that is super super niche and technical and not at all accessible to the average user (with the exception of AP as of pretty recently). And it just sucks man, web 2.0 is bullshit

A PR replacing our Gtk.Entry fields in favour of Gtk.SpinButton fields to improve accessibility is currently under review.
What do you guys think?

If you love Inter or hate it, you can follow along with our discussion about it here:

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