I posted this on bird site last night and almost forgot to post it here. I wrote my first blog post since October of last year! 😅 This post is about my experience at ‘s as both an attendee and as a speaker.


First time taking apart switches. Trying to lube and film them in preparation for my first custom mechanical keyboard build. This takes a really long time. I hope it’s all worth it in the end. I think it will be. The sound of the lubed vs stock is night and day. Still not fun tho

I got my first dose of the vaccine today and I can’t explain the relief and excitement I feel. Can’t wait to get the second dose. Some semblance of normal feels more attainable to me now than ever.

The blog is back from the dead and a new blog post is out! Check out my post on moving from Android to iOS and what I like and dislike about each of them.


I made a really poor quality slow-mo video of me making a few shots of espresso. Even with the blur caused by the vibrations of the espresso machine and video compression, there's still something mesmerising about watching the espresso flow.


I added a color picker inspired by elementary OS 6's accent color picker to the shades icon set page. It doesn't change what's downloaded but it's fun to play with. Also toggle dark and light styles to see the colors adapt to each.


Web developers: when you say, “this browser does not support our site,” what you REALLY mean is that you don’t support the browser. Don’t turn it around on the browser/user because you chose not to stick to universally-supported standards, or worse, are doing user agent sniffing.

I'm now selling shades icon set on gumroad as pay what you want if you wanna pick it up that way. You can always grab it for free on github too.



Shades is a 16px pixel-fitted icon set that I made for my own web projects but grew into something I think might be worth sharing. As I mostly use Jekyll and github pages I have made a jekyll include to easily add the icons to your jekyll project. And have also included an SVG sprite sheet for use everywhere else on the web. Also all the source icons are there to use in any project as you see fit. I've had and am having a lot of fun working on this project and I hope you all enjoy the icons.

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It's finally here. The icon project I've been working on for quite some time is ready for it's debut. I'd like to introduce Shades icon set. Get it on GitHub and if you wanna support me and the project consider kicking a few bucks my way.


I'm back to working on an icon project I put on the back burner. I've got all the icons I want for now made I just have to compile them all into a jekyll include and a sprite sheet but man is this tedious work. I'm sure there's a way to automate this but idk how. :tiredcat:

I couldn't think of a blog post to write so instead I made a bunch of widgets?… components?… elements?… things for my site. I don't foresee needing progress bars, switches, ect. for my simple personal site and blog but If I do I gottem now. Check 'em out.


While we have a few elementary OS 5.1 updates to cover for the month of July, the bigger news is that we’re ready to start talking about elementary OS 6. Check out the updates, some features planned for elementary OS 6, and how you can get Early Access. blog.elementary.io/updates-for

Anybody out there have a standing desk? I'm about ready to build one and am curious to hear your thoughts. Also how much do you actually stand at it? Idk that I buy into supposed health benefits because you're not really moving just standing in place but I wonder if it will fill that need I feel to get up every hour or so. If so then maybe it'll help keep me at my desk and working instead of walking away and getting distracted.

Tried latte art with a hot chocolate tonight. Didn't turn out too bad for a first attempt and the hot chocolate is really tasty. I'm excited because this means I can practice more latte art without over caffeinating the entire house.

Me: What should I be doing instead of files?

Computer: Glad you asked! It's 2020. You should be spinning up a Kubernetes of Dockers on your public cloud each of which is a Github which send JSON messages over HTTP3 to the microservice host on your Virtualbox private cloud which is running a whole bunch more Dockers each of which is a Node.js which is pulling dependencies from

Me: files seemed a bit simpler than that


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Finally got around to writing a new blog post. This one is a short one about how I'm working around a bug in Webkit. Check it out.

Unified window has landed in libhandy master, so now it's possible for apps to do things like overlaying content with titlebar or hiding it without glitches. Also, round bottom corners :)

I see so many saying they've suddenly gotten a lot of time for hobbies, etc. since they have to stay at home. For me, it's the exact opposite. I have three kids, and would normally go to the university, work on projects and stuff for 6-8 hours in relative peace (with members of the group) and then go home to cook dinner and enjoy time with the family. Then I'd have the evening for hobbies...

Oh and the coffee is a single estate Nicaraguan coffee that I roasted at home.

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