Fascinating. Turns out the Luddites in E Midlands were quite into technology. They modded their machines but often their bosses patented and stole their innovations.

All relevant to today: there was a major cost of living crisis in the years leading up to Luddism, wages simply didn’t keep up. The Napoleanic War had seriously disrupted exports to Europe. There was a speculative bubble of people with means buying and renting out frames.


@Janetgunter oh I'd love to find out more about this? Im somewhat familiar with the luddites and why they broke the frames but I wasn't aware that they were modifying them and also wasn't aware of the wage stagnation.

@michaelcoyote The pamphlet is available here ndlhs.wordpress.com, sadly no e-version. Source on modding, Stanley D Chapman’s introduction to “History of the Framework Knitters” republished in 1970. Also frustrating I couldn’t find an e-version.

@michaelcoyote No problem. Henson is a really interesting figure himself, discussed at length in the pamphlet

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