Locked and buggered on Twit ... or it's just down :(

found this picture on a manufacturer website and I think it has meme template potential

90% of troubleshooting computers is telling them to go fuck themselves.

I have a friend who runs Arch Linux, but never mentions it.

Anyone else finding Ghostery is killing Googl Docs/Drive access? Constant "you are offline" and very very slow to respond... ? I've had to Trust dem sites.

I'm not no here often, and can't recall the last time I went to the Ruby instance. Yes.

Avoid any chance of plagiarism by just writing shit code.

Has everyone decided where they'll go instead of Flickr for photo-hosting? Google photos seems 'poor'; I've yet to look at Amazon. Or just n-accounts on Flickr?

So this is a fun little teaser thing you can distract yourself with while you wait to see what Nutt's up to 

Whatever happened to quicksand?

When I was a kid that was basically the biggest threat to life imaginable

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