Behold my excellent packing, hence all glass appears to have made it. Also, behold the ultimate stress of moving. Sorry.


I don't want this to become, you know, but, as I can, without fear:
Boris Johnson is the biggest fucking cunt imaginable.

Competing technologies are competing in the same box.
Imagine getting a User Guide with an operating system. Almost like that would be helpful(!)

For book lovers, a great bookshop is Scarthin Books in Cromford. It's stuffed beyond comprehension with books. Look at the entrance on ggl maps. Also lovely veggie/vegan cafe on top floor. And has slidey book shelves.

Everything is getting more expensive, but I'm clearing out bills, and remember when a quarterly BT phone bill would be...

@Gargron If you go near to the 'light' theme CSS sometime, could you look at making the scrollbar:hover colour a little lighter. I find it hard to spot the thumb.
I think -webkit-scrollbar-track:hover is the selector (today).

Right, deffo off to the shops now.
Just leaving this enormous pack of deadly animals to guard my house whilst I'm out.


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