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worm man @michaelmell@mastodon.social

ya ever speak to someone and just know they've read homestuck at some point

I have done NOTING productive all day

I love designing ocs and giving them meaningful character traits like "he doesn't believe in modern medicine" or "she's only fueled by spite"

I've offended the entire groupchat by insinuating that cats have names

y'kno that post thats like "when u send something rly not risky to the chat but then everyone stops repllying" thats me I asked what someone's cats names were and everyone just stopped talking I don't, understandn

whats that spider orb saying

I joined but Ive already embarrassed myself with typos so three cheers for me

I cannot make myself do it with my own two hands and free will

I've had the invite for a discord server open for like fifteen minutes now someone tell me to click accept

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are we all being horny on main

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