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I did my first star trek commission/instance art for @guinan ! is also where I set up my first mastodon profile, so feels extra special
#mastoart #commission #startrek

uspol facebook potus history bloopers 

I'm on corporate so I'm just lurking on those accounts, so I'm saving this gem for later (on claiming there are airports during the Revolutionary War)

Excerpting some photos so y'all don't have to go to that site

I'm calling a social media strike for July 4-5:

I know many here have already abandoned the likes of Facebook and Twitter. But if you're still there...announce that you're on strike (repeatedly?) on those days, in protest of these companies' abusive policies, and if you like, share this Declaration of Digital Independence:

Me on Tucker Carlson talking about the :

News stories:

Oh! They just released the first issue of #ROMchip, a brand new academic journal of game history

give it a read, it's free!

. " 大台ヶ原の眼光 "
▷Exif: ƒ/4 4′ ISO4000
Sony ILCE-7RM3
LAOWA 15mm F2.0 ZERO-D
▷Location: 奈良 ( Nara, Japan )

@enkiv2 it's great that as a society we've managed to reinvent premium cable except even more expensive and less efficient

Hello ! I'm a french painter, all new here. Making my first steps to discover Mastodon and the community :)

Here is a #portrait study in #oils that I made last week

credits :

#oilpainting #art #traditionalart #mastoart

A 53-Year-Old Network Coloring Conjecture Is Disproved

In just three pages, a Russian mathematician has presented a better way to color certain types of networks than many experts thought possible.

Shoutout to Microsoft Excel, which after decades of development still messes up importing CSVs it itself exported.

Maybe understanding CSVs ranks up there with naming, invalidation and off-by-ones.
This is bad:

Then today, a new oracle webLogic deserialization RCE 0day vulnerability was found and is being actively used in the wild.We analyzed and reproduced the 0day vulnerability, which is based on and bypasses the patch for CVE-2019–2725 .

Two thoughts:

1. Deserialization in "safe" languages is a never ending source of vulns. You give an attacker the equivalent of eval, they're gonna eval some shit.

2. After fixing a vulnerability, everybody is gonna examine that code under a microscope. Anything first patch missed... bad news.

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