@Transflux this is really interesting.

Two big things I'm wondering:

* What do those numbers mean in practical terms? Are the differences very significant in reality?

* How much energy is used in compiling compiled languages like C, or those with runtimes like Java or C# -- especially with a team of developers all compiling every so often? I didn't see information on that, though it seems likely the languages could mostly balance out when that consideration is factored in.

Practicaly they can't say anything cuz every practical case is different. The more complex or repeated a program runs the more significant the difference will be.

num 2. Is a really good point, also depends on the usage. It has been a while since I compiled 😁. But I was doing a lot of art stuff with processing (worst name for a programing language...tho it's actually just java) a lot, a lot of compilations for details like a color or something.

@michelamarie anyway and so there are some c++ compiler configs which a smart and can skip files, no?
So probably during development using scripts use less power.

I was wondering about cython :). And the energy of ai. Training a neural network and recognizing faces.... Just to slash surveillance with its wastefulness.

@michelamarie the research is fascinating -and I also want to run flask on a pi powered by the sun hitting my balcony

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