Whether you're wanting to learn how to package or already know, here is a wonderful guide on what has changed and how to get you started with @opensuse packaging today - news.opensuse.org/2020/11/23/n


I bought a Super Nintendo Mini and Sega Genesis Mini in the last year (covid isolation might have had something to do with that), and they have actually been tonnes of fun! I especially like the Genesis games.

I believe the SNES was about C$120 and the Genesis was C$80 -- fairly cheap considering all the games they come with.

I almost never played video games as an adult until recently. So my opinion is probably ridiculous (as it is in most other topics).

Nation state hackers have had a nearly singular focus since the COVID-19 began -- development.

Now, as several western vaccines complete trials, hackers' focus is shifting to vaccine production and distribution.

"Hackers 'try to steal vaccine secrets in intellectual property war'"


"Russian cyber-attack spree shows what unrestrained internet warfare looks like"

"US indictment of operatives, accused of launching several attacks, gives a detailed account of how they went about their business"


"We need to rethink social media before it's too late. We've accepted a Faustian bargain"

"A business model that alters the way we think, act, and live our lives has us heading toward dystopia"


"British Columbia pioneers programme to offer safer alternatives to street drugs"

"The Canadian province, facing an epidemic of overdoses, is expanding ‘safer supply’ guidelines to let nurses prescribe opioids"


@maxeddy I gave up on desktop e-mail clients a few years ago, though I really used to prefer them.

Most of them are okay at best, while web clients for GSuite, Outlook 365, Protonmail, and probably others have become mostly excellent. Web clients are often lighter on resources too.

Kmail / Kontact used to be my favourite desktop e-mail client until I started experiencing stability issues on it again.

I thought some of you might be interested in a collaboration I am working on! Check out openarthistories.ca/

#lida101 #oer #oep #openarthistories

"Beating Private Mode Blockers with an Ephemeral Profile" by Eric Lawrence textslashplain.com/2020/08/11/

Good overview of how websites detect private mode and how you can avoid it.

Connect with people from around the world and learn new things at #Akademy2020. There is still time to register! Sign-up now and check out the program. We can’t wait to see you there!

Image credit: vecteezy.com

"A Dutch public broadcaster got rid of targeted digital ads—and its revenues went up" 

"the main Dutch public broadcaster… found that ads served to users who opted out of cookies were bringing in as much or more money as ads served to users who opted in."

"The results were so strong that as of January 2020, NPO simply got rid of advertising cookies altogether…"


"Germany plans to dim lights at night to save insects"


Maybe we'll get to see more stars at night as a result of this as well?

LifeLabs going to court to stop data breach report release | Burnaby Now burnabynow.com/lifelabs-going-

I've got to say, I'm not super happy about the company that lost a bunch of my data not agreeing to release the government privacy report and in fact taking legal action to stop it

@peter hah. I got a solicitation some months ago from them as well. I politely replied and told the recruiter that I found much of the firm's behaviour to be unethical, and so I could not consider working there.

I think it's perfectly reasonable to provide a polite and professional response regarding one's reasons for declining their request. 🙂

Our take on TikTok: Beware. The social media giant not only collects troves of personal data on you (sometimes without your consent), but also cooperates with the Chinese Communist Party, extending China’s surveillance and censorship reach beyond its borders. Read more here: protonmail.com/blog/tiktok-pri

literal sea monsters 

@InvaderXan It's actually pretty cute. 😀

Facebook is dangerous in even more ways than by all the hate speech and harassment that happen on it, as if that weren't bad enough.

There is tonnes of potentially deadly medical disinformation on Facebook as well

"Don't post on Facebook unless you are prepared to face the consequences"


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