@anarchiv Which garden?

@horatius @anarchiv Ooh, never been in a cold desert - which one? I've also been to one in Morocco as well.

Oregon badlands does both the hot *and* cold desert bit and I'm growing stuff there ^_^
@micrackbiron @horatius

of the actual garden space, not on the devices i was able to assemble after a small scavenger hunt for all my storage media.

that said...
@micrackbiron @horatius

@anarchiv @micrackbiron There are some places that one should experience alone once before leaving this mortal plane.

On my bucket list
1. Galapagos
2. The Sahara
3. Alaska
4. Atacama
5. Mt. Kailash, Tibet

@horatius my bucket list is far too long so I'll just continue taking the opportunities as they appear. 2/5 not bad

@anarchiv @micrackbiron Sometimes we take things for granted.

Three strangers with nothing in common meet and share a spiritual experience without really meeting each other.

If this is not magic, I don't know what is.

@horatius @anarchiv I have been to Alaska, but not alone. I know one of the places we visited was Ketchikan.

@horatius @anarchiv Trust me, I understand. I used to wander alone in the woods at night partly for that reason. Got creepy though.

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