The true Horseshoe Theory: both the economies of the U.S. (letting companies lobby/buy the government, Too Big To Fail, etc. etc.) and China (State-Owned Industry acting like one big corporation, with all the exploitation that entails) are both just State Capitalism, but approached from different directions.

our laws were written by the companies that could pay congress the most to write them. so the biggest companies write the regulations that effect themselves -- allowing them to become more and more exploitative, and therefore siphon more and more of the products of the worker's labor.

how is that different in effect than China's State Capitalism? whether the government owns the companies or the companies own the government, the worker still has no say.

this is the only good take I've ever had. and I *know* it's just simplifying Chomsky. But it's good and eye-opening, damnit!

@jacethechicken I should've shared that Chicken Boo song with you, you being a chicken and all.

@jacethechicken 🎶 Jacie Boo, what's the matter with you? You don't act like the other chickens do...🎶

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