@micrackbiron nope. I had to read one fanfic which was amazing

@micrackbiron I have tried in vain to get the page again. This was during the days of Livejournal. It was so elaborate.

With the Ranger and Samwise having a crush on Frodo. While Legolas pines for the Ranger and plots to do away with Frodo out of jealousy.


@ashwin Oh, the secret diaries of lord of the rings?!

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@micrackbiron omg. Is that what it was called? And you remember it. 😱😍🥰

@ashwin Yes, as soon as you mentioned them having crushes on each other. In fact, I found an archive: ealasaid.com/misc/vsd/aragorn.

@ashwin Boromir so irritating. Why must he wear big shield like dinner plate all the time? Climbed up Caradhras but wimpy humans who cannot walk on snow insisted we climb back down.

Am definitely prettiest member of the Fellowship. Go me!

@ashwin Day 32:

Orcs killed: none. Stubble update: subtly hairy.

Legolas told me that a shadow and a threat had been growing in his mind.

I think Legolas might be kinda gay.

Nope, not King.

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