"That how sieges work, Phil." Oh man, this is a bit *too* timely

I think this is my best toot ever. How am I going to top it?

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I'd die for a turnip before anything from Arby's, that's for sure.


And honestly if we had a catapult and a stash of Carls, Jr. we could rout the Mongols in about half an hour.

@amylsacks dang, will have to try that next time if I'm not dead

@micrackbiron @robotcarsley

I thought Robert was stealthily relaunching that one carrot joke thread from a couple of years ago, about which I can't remember the actual content but I do remember laughing.

@micrackbiron @robotcarsley

Something about a carrot that was actually made of meat... or was I just high?


@micrackbiron @robotcarsley

Still funnier than the "Black Marror" and "The Mouse That Marored" jokes I had on deck.

@micrackbiron @robotcarsley

Which also-ran fast food franchise would have the best-named to-go Seder plate, though?

@micrackbiron @robotcarsley

This is where my extreme rustiness with the Hebrew language proves to be a major impediment. :/

@amylsacks I confess I went to Arby's a couple weeks ago for a shake


That's OK. I still have an unholy love for the Jack In The Box breakfast biscuit. Don't mind me.

@micrackbiron mongols tended to kill ~100% of the men and random numbers of women and children, tho

OCR Output (chars: 765) 

pryariwiac, pur six treet away

y @​Bry_Mac

Did previous civilizations deal with
whiners like this?

"Man, we've gotta open the gates."
"We've been through this, Phil. The
Mongols are still outside."

"But I've gotta harvest my turnips"

"Ugh. But we've been in here or WEEKS."
"That's how sieges work, Phil.”

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& Bryan Mac, but six feet away @​Bry_Mac - 5h


Replying to @​Bry_Mac

"But the Mongols have barely killed anyone in days.
"That's because of the walls, Phil."

"Are you sure? Maybe the Mongols aren't that

"I'm just saying, how bad could it be. They can't kill
ALL of us"

"That is literally the thing they do."

“But my turnips..."

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