@Solelytuned My sister graduated from there, and I would occasionally go to events there (like parties!).

In case anyone's been interested in the type of memes I've making while wasting time on Star Trek Fleet Command, here's your 3-in-1 of capitalist hellscapes

@Solelytuned bahahahaha! Thank you. It's a Brown University sweatshirt (unfortunately, I did not attend there, but I think I would've fit in well.)

@micrackbiron ah they look better than my work clothes and I'm not kidding.

@Solelytuned Immediately after, I was like, "I shouldn't have taken that in my pajamas"

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@Solelytuned I'm still in my PJs, which may not be the ideal photography outfit...

@micrackbiron I bet everybody's romantic gene is configured differently.

@Solelytuned It seems that way! That partly explains why different people find different traits attractive. I'm told that many people like my eyes.

@Solelytuned Definitely! (My partner is a woman) - we both talked flirtatiously in the early days of our dating, but we're kind of weird, so I think it was different than the usual pickup lines.

@micrackbiron you surely must be. Hehehe men can come up with Such weird statements to use as flattery. I'm sure your partner would have used a lot of flattery during your initial days of dating.

@Solelytuned Ironically, I'm usually flattered - I take it that at least they find me attractive, but I usually just show my wedding ring and that's the end of it!

@micrackbiron excuse me, he said WHAT!!?? :aaaa: I'm sorry you had to come across men like these.

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