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Woke up to find this in a message from my partner, and it is nice to feel so seen. 😹


@thegibson a friend, maybe not anymore, revealed to me that he believes ANTIFA to be a domestic terrorist anarchist group. Told him to do some research.

I couldn’t go into further discussion with him. And said good night. I will not be a friend of said person anymore if I get a whiff of fascism. Not acceptable.

How are people so brainwashed to believe this shit? There is no law designating for domestic terrorist. And if there was what about those actual groups like the KKK?


the motto

one of them anyways

don't let anything be easy for the people driving the machine

help out the people thrown in front of it

that's the gist

a cool thing about donating to bail funds btw: that money isn't one-and-done. unless someone actually doesn't report to court, which almost never happens, that money is returned to the bail fund to be used once again. donating $50 to a bail fund *permanently* gives them an additional $50 to use again and again as that money gets returned to them.

the bigger the pool of money a bail fund has, the more people it can help at once, since ofc your $50 cannot be used to post bail for multiple people at one time.

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You're hearing/reading the expression #ACAB a lot more lately, and you might wish to read this very insightful look from a few months back about the depth and breadth of what that expression actually means.

reminder that the political compass was invented by libertarians to sell libertarianism and pretend they're not the same thing as nazis. it's not real
" aims to be musician friendly database of linux available software and plugins (taking kvr as an example but with better linux world coverage)
Only linux native software/plugin are in database, we dont wanna focus on wine-related stuff, as we would fall into every other vst database.
Each software/plugin in the database was runned successfully under either ardour, carla (DSSI) or standalone."

I've just double-checked what an anti-fascist is, and can confirm that I am one.

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Eyes on the sky, gentlebeings.

And if you can throw together a quick ADSB scanner with a RasPi and an RTL-SDR ( please join us.

RT @thetinyraccoon
Just a reminder, this kid got 8 years in prison on an arson charge from the Ferguson uprising. Free Josh Williams!
Joshua Williams #01292002
Missouri Eastern Correctional Center
18701 Old Highway 66
Pacific, MO 63069

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i watched part of the launch.

it was cool in many ways, but at core it just looked like a bunch of rich white dudes who don't give a shit about other people playing with toys while the rest of us try to just stay alive in a system that caters directly to them


The universal playbook on how to divide and conquer after major uprisings is amazingly effective, even here in Oakland where we should know better after the Oscar Grant rebellions.


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