@migurski Mark Shepard on Restoration Agriculture - Observe & imitate natural dendritic patterns bit.ly/2ZzIqtz

@migurski I've been developing the idea of using underpasses as a practical solution to roadkill and habitat disruption for highways and freeways for about a couple years, but now I'm seeing them actually starting to implement a form of this in some areas in North America and abroad! So cool to see it happening.

@Calvin @migurski In the Netherlands we have tons of these and we’ve been building them since the 80s.

@SuperDicq @migurski Cool name. I'm wondering about an increase in animal conflict, due to the tunnel nature of at least the ones I've seen. Or if carcasses could act as blockage. :/
At the very least, it helps reduce roadkill, allows animals access to all wildland, and doesn't massively inconvenience cars or the people driving them.
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