Ben Golder: Ballpoint pen on paper. Tested out the shading algorithm on a more blocky subject, this old Akai radio scanned by Scantech Vietnam. "

nemfrog : Constellation of Virgo. (The retreat of the howling dog.) Β  The sky: spring and summer nights. 1920.

nemfrog : Conventional signs for maps.Β  Topographic maps and sketch mapping. 1920.

julialillard :
The concept translated as β€œemptiness” leads to all kinds of conjectures and suppositions not intended. The word is Sunyata , which means empty of own being. That is, no thing exists eternally as itself & constantly, independent of everything.

dailyoverview :

Check out this Overview of Pembrokeshire County, Wales, created by our founder Benjamin Grant. This area is home to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which includes a 186-mile walking trail called the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. In the north of the county are the Preseli Hills, a wide stretch of high moorland with many prehistoric sites and the probable source of bluestones used to construct the inner circle of Stonehenge in Engla…

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