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nemfrog : Fig. 26. A simple method for sending pictures by wire or radio.Β  Electronic television. Β  1936.


(via Present & Correct on Twitter: β€œAn extraordinary tumblr of diagrams & illustrations from old books, which then link to the whole publication. t.co/my7aitZ7im Bla… t.co/DzDpithRDE” )


2017 me, emerging from DeLorean, to 1995 me:

So, this new 'Pentium' chip, turns out the whole 'speculative execution' road is a bit of a mistake. Yes it makes Doom faster but 22 years later all our computer systems are hacked each week by gangs of roaming cyber-criminals wearing vintage 80s micros as cosmetic jewellery on their leather jackets

1995 me (stuck in E1M2): Got it, Doom will get faster

2017 me: Did you even hear a word I said? I said the 80s are going to be fashionable again.

confused by 6502 assembly? here are some helpful tips for beginners

CPY: mails you a copy of the program
TAX: fills out your 1040EZ
CLD: decreases CPU temperature
ROR: makes a lion noise
BRK: makes a dog noise
ASL: initiates AOL chat protocol
LSR: activates laser
TXS: enter Texas
TSX: leave Texas
LDY: turns you into a lady
LDA: turns you into a lad (misspelled for historical reasons)
BVS: pronounced "Beavis"

happy programming! πŸ˜‹

melisaki :
Unit 1
Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant , Alabama 1966 via: tva