“Here, readers are able to discover Shigeo Fukuda’s 1967 logo for “Graphic Design” by tearing and rearranging a perforated cover.”


If you calculate the risk? Stay out of it too sir.
Ink, 14 by 10 inches, 2021
Ink on paper
Licia He


“Heya NOP here, bird from Switzerland. I really like drawing isometric pieces, and also trees, lots of trees.” — @NOP_Pixels


“Hi, I’m Tofu and I’m a pixel artist available for short term environment work. Can work with limited or large palettes.” –  @TofuPixel


“in Finland they use to have about 4,000 reindeer/ car accidents a year so they paint their antlers with reflective paint” –  Cullen Dudas


“Needed to do some debugging on the final part of my 70s Pop project, as it was breaking my brain” –  Rev Dan Catt


The Different Methods of Defending Oneself with a Walking-stick or Umbrella when Attacked under Unequal Conditions by E. W. Barton-Wright. From Pearson’s Magazine, January-February 1901 (via @wikivictorian )


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