receive the "Women for Peace" award from . I mean... really?!! 😆 FML

#inktober day 5: Raven (one day behind -.-)

Since this is such great topic, I decided to draw a scene from Krabat when they are turning into ravens.

#art #mastoart #krita

A follow up timelapse of the last post, testing out mastodon video player.

Bored this weekend? We've finally got a new drawing challenge for you!

The topic is

It runs until October 4, 2021.

Create a picture and join the fun in the Inkscape forums at

No prizes, just fun!

#InkscapeChallenge #artwithopensource

Our Monthly Art contest for the month of October has begun. The topic is "Sci-fi meets Fantasy" and the challenge is to use only the new Krita 5 RGBA brush-presets. Join the contest on krita-artists

Ok! I know I'm a bit mean now but... reading about all kinds of in I told myself "Let's hope they will not have a shortage on toilet paper!"
I know, I was mean and cheap.

european citizens' initiative for universal basic income, :boost_ok: 

for anyone that hasn't seen this:
there's an ECI for establishing universal basic income throughout the EU
if you're eligible to sign it (are an EU citizen) i urge you to do so

and . What a "juicy" "meaty" subject these days. But, at no point in any article I've read about this I've seen no reference to the actual root of the problem. Which is today imperialism. Armed interventions, "colour" revolutions, to help not the people of the countries affected, but to bring benefits to those involved in such events. And when things do not go as planned? Let's put some sanctions on them and let them starve. But it's a lengthy topic.

Asking Russia and China to help in keeping Afghanistan situation under control is rich coming from spinelessness stooge . I really despise this... whatever he is. Among others, ofc.

A great short film to watch, , rendered and directed in . Great atmosphere and very cinematic.

The vaccination against in is what concerns . Of course, because this is their biggest problem. Not the uncertainty of Taliban coming -back- to power, not the sanctions that will come from the civilized world in the next months, and these will come, not the life and/or death problems of having food and water but covid.
If this is such a problem why do I not hear them saying a word about , , and such other countries?

, , and others invest in a mining operation in ! I understand the need for minerals and such but, I cannot ask myself, why to destroy one of the few relatively pristine places left? Of course, it's a stupid question, I know.

We are once again looking for your feedback!

Mike and Adam have been working together on adding a user interface for making custom stroke dash patterns and to make the dash list easier to navigate.

⬇️ Get it here for testing:

🟦 Windows:

🐧 Linux:

🍏 macOS:

Please submit your test results at

Enjoy + thanks for your help!

While come with their "great" I don't understand why not first come with something like an wide law to and enforce reforestation.
There is no doubt that . In time, reforestation would lead to water streams coming to life, will lower the effect of the massive rains we see these days and so many other benefits.
Maybe they actually don't give a shit on climate after all. We can't talk about climate change without forests.

Help to spread the word about LibreOffice in schools and universities! And also encourage younger people to join our community and projects. We have flyers and other resources:

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