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Venez à la première en France de A.I. AT WAR, le dernier documentaire du réalisateur Florent Marcie !

🗓 Le vendredi 18 mars à 20h
au Cinéma Le Balzac
1 Rue Balzac, 75008 Paris

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Chancellerie fédérale - Public Clouds Confédération
Préparation des contrats avec les fournisseurs

Berne, 01.03.2022 - Le projet « Public Clouds Confédération » permet à l’administration fédérale d’acheter de manière flexible des services d’informatique en nuage très évolutifs pendant cinq ans. La Chancellerie fédérale prépare actuellement les contrats avec les cinq fournisseurs prévus. Dès qu’ils seront signés, il sera possible de réaliser des projets avec ces services.

Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer (2015)

John J. Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor in Political Science and Co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago, assesses the causes of the present Ukraine crisis, the best way to end it, and its consequences for all of the main actors.

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February Update:

- CNY Over: Production / support return

- #PinePhonePro: more units coming

- #PinePhone chat with modem & flash it via fwupd

- #PineNote: "all hardware works" & @kdecommunity Plasma in grayscale

- #PineTime simulator is awesome

and more!

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@nytimes publie une vidéo déclassifiée d'une attaque de drone, à Kaboul par les EU, tuant 10 civils (dont 7 enfants).
#JulianAssange est en prison pour avoir publié Collateral Murders, une vidéo montrant les meurtres de l'armée US en Irak en 2007...

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Ths will be glorious! I got sent two East German micros to me for fixing. Besides all stereotypes of socialist engineering those machines was not a copy of any western systems and in general good machines for the time. The opposide, the engineering is superb. It was designed for long life and to be easy repairable. They used standard components, everything is open, hardware and software. Those machines never got the credit they deserved!

#robotron #kc85 #retrocomputing

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@tendigits It seems modern programs don't care about how much space they take anymore.

I was recently going through the software I use on my windows laptop and was shocked how much space some programs take. We shouldn't be counting it in GB!

Meanwhile, I still use software dating back to win 9x era (mainly ifranview and total commander) and they work great, fast and take handful of MB each.

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Once upon a time Adobe Illustrator was just 240KB. I have the current 2022 version, it's now 1,840,000KB.

Just an observation noted while browsing these vintage mac program about screens:

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@neauoire please subscribe to our copyright cult dogma so that large corporations can continue to benefit from your work while we espouse superior morality and encourage our followers to berate people for trying to make a living

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Next #AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg with 26 updates and 2 new apps today:

* GraphHopper Maps: OSM Maps and Navigation App using the GraphHopper Routing API
* hwloc lstopo: Display the topology of your hardware using the hwloc library and lstopo tool

Enjoy your #android #foss #apps with #fdroid :awesome:

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#Rassemblement en soutien à #JulianAssange
Mobilisation est d'une importance capitale en cette heure pour tenter de sauver la vie d'un homme qui aura risqué la sienne pour informer le monde.
Le 18 déc à 17h, parvis des Droits de l'Homme, place du Trocadero, #Paris

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@luka I hear that there is some work to move away from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake with blockchains, though I have no idea how that would look like in practice. Ethereum Foundation plans to move to it.

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added sounds and minimal graphics

sadly raylib doesn't feature sound panning, so everything is centered

( i will write my own classes to deal with more advanced sound operations in the next projects )


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