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Calling smartphone equipped teenagers 'digital natives' is a mistake because a smartphone makes you a consumer rather than a native of anything.

If you want a child to become a digital native give them an actual computer instead of a corporate controlled and curated consumer device.

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Beautiful that these random graveyards become areas of great biodiversity just by their nature of being undisturbed areas of reflection or solitude. Some even provide conditions for endangered plant species to thrive. Lovely to think of these quiet places dedicated to past lives blooming with wonderful and rare new ones.


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Hack Sémantique/Mental #423

Les spéculateurs zélés des crypto-monnaies appelent leurs actifs/obsessions "crypto".

C'est trompeur, car "#crypto" signifie généralement "#cryptographie", une science utile ! Cela porte à confusion, en associant la cryptographie au jeu spéculatif de quelques privilégiés.

Pour équilibrer cela, j'ai décidé de ne qualifier les "crypto-monnaies" que de "monnaies", afin de souligner leur nature monétaire/financière.

Les mots sont importants.


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Make a to-do list if you're feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it helps to break things down into smaller pieces.

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* break alphabet inc. into smaller pieces
* smash facebook inc. into small pieces.
* oh what the hell, make the internet into smaller pieces.

#community #solidarité

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Want to customize your #pinephone? Check our Tipps on how to change themes and fill in notes as you notice things not working in those themes....

Comment, des ravages du tabac au déni du changement climatique, on instrumentalise la science pour démentir... la science. Une vertigineuse investigation dans les trous noirs de la recherche et de l'information.

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Je suis en train de suivre le cours sur #ipv6 de Mines Telecom

contrairement au nom de la plateforme, c'est pas fun.
Mais c'est très intéressant !

c'est un peu la première fois que je déchiffre des datagrammes en hexadécimal.

Je recommande aux membres de la @federationfdn qui voudraient monter en compétences

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When researchers find a flaw in the way #Signal #Signalapp circumvents censorship in Iran (leading to identify its users), their issue get deleted from Signal's Microsoft Github and they get banned from Signal's repository...

..but only because they allegedly violated a "code of conduct" by being "disrespectful"!

Morality is safe! Iranians, maybe not... As long as we don't hear about it, there is no problem, right?

#QuestionSignal #OTF #Iran

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#Mastodon hypothesis of the day:

Why not *follow somebody randomly* today? Somebody we wouldn't have otherwised followed (empty profile, somebody re-tooting, or actual random content on some timeline...)

(We are indeed free to unfollow that person sometimes later..)

But why not giving them a chance? It's nice to them but also thisn't the *active gesture* of following what makes the #Fediverse denser, more connected, and maybe more interesting for everyone?

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Nächste Köln-Bonner #Cryptoparty:

1.3.21 ab 18 Uhr unter

Teilnahme mit aktuellem Browser, z.B. Firefox oder Chrome. Nach kurzem Einführungsvortrag gibt es die Möglichkeit, in Kleingruppen Themen wie Datenträgerverschlüsselung, Passwortverwaltung, sichere Messenger, anonymes Surfen und freie Videokonfrenzenzysteme zu besprechen und unter Umständen am eigenen Gerät unter Anleitung auszuprobieren

Weitere Infos und Termine unter @cryptoparty und

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Limited access to legal counsel and a laptop with glued-down keys to prepare defense. No winter clothes. Up to 23 and half hours per day in isolation. That's how the UK is treating a publisher wanted by the US for revealing evidence of war crimes.

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@mikachu @octalish @exodus Non, de
Il me semble que Triodos n'est pas disponible en France pour une raison assez bizarre, mais j'ai entendu des gens dire que c'était très bien

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様々な世界中のボランティアの動力のおかげで、F-Droidの公式ウェブサイトは日本語で見られるようになりました。メインページと様々なチュートリアルは完了されましたが、「良くある質問」そして各アプリの説明はまだ翻訳途中です。協力したい方はF-Droidの翻訳サイト から翻訳をより完成にして、それとも既存の翻訳を編集できます。


A recent Oxfam study found that since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the world’s richest 10 billionaires have seen a wealth increase of half a trillion dollars – enough to pay for every person on the planet to get a vaccine.

Yanis Varoufakis: Capitalism has become 'techno-feudalism' | UpFront

Pour ce premier grand entretien d'économie, Salomé Saqué reçoit, pour Blast, l'économiste Gaël Giraud. Adulé par une partie de la gauche, exécré par les néolibéraux, qualifié d’“inclassable” par plusieurs médias, l’économiste Gaël Giraud dresse un bilan sans concession de la réponse gouvernementale à une crise économique qu’il qualifie d’inédite.


We are living in a period of competing moral certitudes, of people who are awfully sure they’re right and fully prepared to be awful about it. Hence the culture of cancellations, firings, public humiliations and increasingly unforgiving judgments. The role of good journalism should be to lead us out of this dark defile. Last week, we went deeper into it.


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